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Until now the human body has only been attached to a paddleboard via gravity and friction. That has now changed!


The SUP Harness directly connects you to the board by means of it's adjustable tension strap and waist belt. Now

force can be directed to the board and be controlled through this new connection . Greater force is now possible because the SUP Harness allows a paddler to exceed what gravity alone allows. You and the board become ONE!

So what happens?

When the SUP Harness is attached to your board it will support your weight when leaning forward and paddling normally. Force, created through your paddle stroke, moves from your upper body to your hips and then into the harness directly to the board.  Direct transfer of power is achieved. 


Downward force is developed by leaning forward into the SUPHarness . Your hips, legs and feet feel stabilized, more lean + more paddle power = more pressure into the stance, thus improving balance and connection to the board.  


The SUP Harness reduces lost kinetic energy resulting in less fatigue in your hips and knees caused by fighting for balance By being a third point of contact the SUP Harness improves your ability to push through chop.

Becoming better!

When paddling using the SUP Harness you may begin to notice ways to improve your technique. Such as:


Extending your reach at the catch.


Increasing your power at the catch.


Isolating your hip rotation and forward thrust.


Maintaining proper position on the board.


Falling off less often.


Check out the video on the home page for a demonstration of the SUP Harness in action .

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